2015 NYC - Ministry to College Athletes by Stephen Lawrence

Are you a college athlete or engaged in ministry with athletes?  If so, you know there are unique challenges to walking with God and making Him known on your teams.  This seminar will address helpful tips and perspective for those wanting to make an eternal difference on their athletic teams. 

2015 NYC - Talking about Jesus with People Who Don't Want To by Eric Longergan

Jesus is becoming increasingly unpopular and misunderstood in American culture.  Many people have grown up with little to no familiarity with church, Christianity, or Jesus.  In addition to this, many people are believing that to even disagree about something is to be intolerant.  How do we share the gospel message in what many call a Post-Christian culture?  If that's a question you're asking, come and find out more in this seminar. 

2015 NYC - Habits of Grace: Enjoying Jesus Through the Spiritual Disciplines by David Mathis

Reading, meditating, studying, memorizing, praying, fasting, silence, solitude, evangelism, stewardship-is your head spinning yet?  What if spiritual health and growth weren't about juggling a long list of to-dos, but three simple principles for receiving God's ongoing grace in fresh way s that are life-giving and specific to you?  The Christian life is not about checking boxes, but knowing and enjoying the living Christ through the means He has appointed: hearing His voice, having His ear, and belonging to His body. 

2015 NYC - Knowing is Only One Half by Paul Poteat

Jesus loves me this I know...or do I?  What is it like to experience the love of Christ, to know that you are forgiven, to feel the power of grace?  There are many ideas and truths that you probably attest to, that say you believe, but you don't really live in light of these, you don't experience these things do you?  Well, you're not the only one, I'm in the same boat.  So, let's engage not simply knowing truth, but feeling it. 

2015 NYC - Christianity 101: Understanding the Essentials by Nate Frantz

What does it mean to become a Christian?  Why should I give my life to Christ and how do I do that?  What does it mean to believe and trust in Christ?  If you have any questions like this, Christianity 101 will explain some of the foundational aspects of the gospel. 

2015 NYC - You: Redefined by Larry Martini

Do you ever feel like there is some invisible standard that you are always being pressured to live up to?  It can happen in school, family, friendships, or really in any part of your life.  It can feel especially overwhelming if you can never quite reach the standard.  During this seminar, we will learn how the Gospel gives you a new standard that helps you see yourself in a completely different light. 

2015 NYC - All of Life is Worship by Connor Dimmick

I understand how Bible study, praying, and churchgoing are means to worshiping God, but what about my school work? My lesiure time? My sleep schedule? Eating and drinking?? This seminar will look to answer the question, "What does it look like to glorify God in every area of my life?" 

2015 NYC - Apologetics in Today's World by Nirmal Mekala

The Bible makes many bold claims about the world.  Whether you find yourself skeptical of the Bible and want to learn more or you believe the Bible and want to learn to defend it well, this seminar is for you.  We will look at what the Bible has to say about doubt in general and how to answer some common objections to Christianity.