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Anxious for Something | Eric Lonergan
If you require air to breathe, water and food for sustenance, and have a pulse, then you probably have experience with anxiety. But is anxiety always a sin? If it’s in some ways intrinsic to being human what do we make of it? Come hear some biblical perspective on anxiety and how to cope.

Biblical Manhood | Nate Frantz
What does it mean to be a Biblical Man on the college campus, with relationships with the opposite sex, and with how you spend your time? This talk will help men navigate their unique calling to be men.

Biblical Womanhood | Jasmine Lockett
Do you wrestle with discontentment or feelings of shame? Are deep friendships with other women hard to come by? Can women make an impact in the Kingdom? If any of these questions sound intriguing, come hear some perspective and biblical principles on how to be a woman who is surrendered to and sold out for the Lord.

Emotional Intelligence | Stefan Sauder
Emotions! We all have them and they are changing daily, often controlling us both in good & bad ways. The problem is that it’s hard to process your own emotions correctly, let alone emotions from other people. This seminar is designed to help you process your emotions from a biblical perspective and have stability even when emotions are running wild.

Establishing Disciples | Nate Holt
If you have lead someone to Christ, or have a group of young Christians that you are leading, this seminar will help you with some practical next steps on how to establish young Christians in their faith.

Helping People Make the Turn from Disciple to Disciple Maker | Jeff Beckett
If you are leading people that are walking with Christ and want to help equip them to help others walk with Christ this is the place for you!

Intimacy with Christ | Connor Dimick
Whether you recently became a Christian and are wondering what the Christian life is all about, or whether you have been a Christian for some time now but are starting to feel like you’re plateauing and just going through the motions - this seminar is about returning to the heart of the Christian life: enjoying a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Living in a World That Doesn't Like You
The culture around us, whether at school or in our future workplace, is becoming increasingly post-Christian and anti-Christian. The Bible calls us to be wise as serpents but innocent as doves. So how do we do that? What if a friends asks you to come to his same-sex wedding, or to film it, or to stand in it? What if a family member asks? What if your new job asks you to lie to protect your boss. Come learn how to navigate these tensions and how to love people who may not like you.

Making Godly Decisions | Lucas & Ariana Cecka
What is Gods will for my life? What major should I choose? Who should I live with? Should I participate in this activity? What should I do with my life after college? Should I date him or her? What should I do with my summer? How should I spend my money? These are the many questions we ask ourselves. This seminar will help you navigate through how to make Godly decisions. We will tell you specifically what God's will is for your life!

Millenials > Every Other Generation | Zach Simmons
Let’s be honest, you’ve checked your phone twice since you’veread the title of this talk...and I’ve checked mine a whole lot more while writing this. We both have a unique problem that no other generation has experienced, but it’s not all bad. In a world currently experiencing chaos, we have more potential to change the course of the future than any generation that has ever lived. But the unique challenges we face daily really are holding us back from doing what we’ve always truly wanted to do: make meaningful impact in the world. Come hear a biblical perspective on what to do with our noble aspirations and ignoble distractions.

So, You Want to Have a GREATER Significance? | Nate Van Zee & Harmon Squires
Both Christians and non-Christians struggle with the question, “Does my life really matter?”. As a Christian is this even a question that I am allowed to ask? This seminar will address living a significant and impactful life in the midst of a world that defines success as what you earn in money, respect, beauty, social media likes, etc.

Walking by Faith, Taking Risks, and Trusting God | Kenny Hays
Fear paralyzes, faith gets you moving. Fear blinds, faith enlightens. Fear enslaves, faith sets free. Stop trying to control and start letting go. Sounds easy, right? Not exactly. Come learn what it’s like to walk in a lifestyle of prayer and faith. Who knows, you may begin to test the limits and dream bigger!

Walking with God in Pain and Suffering | Reid & Nikki Jilek
This world is hard. Have you experienced disappointment, death, abuse, or other forms of suffering? We can know in our head that God is good, but why would he allow these things to happen and how do we believe that He is good with our hearts? How do we faithfully walk forward with God when we are angry with Him and where do we put the emotions we feel? Come here our story and how we have navigated a difficult season in our life to God’s glory.

What's So Great About Jesus? | Nirmal & Ann Mekala
Perhaps you’re at this conference but you’re not entirely sure what you believe. Maybe a friend brought you and you’re trying to figure out what exactly Christianity is and why all these people are so excited about it. Come and hear Christianity explained simply and learn why Jesus is so great for us today.