Deadline to Apply is Oct 31st

You will hear back during the week of November 4-8 if you have been chosen for the internship!


Available Internship Positions


Two positions available

Work with resource staff to capture the moments of conference for our social media, documentation and future media projects.

Half-price registration for conference.


Three Positions Available

We will create three major videos:

  1. Recap video of conference to be played on Dec 1st before the session.

  2. Recruitment video with this year's footage for next year's NYC!

  3. Testimony video

Free conference registration.

Audio Intern

Work with resource staff to help capture the content from the week, format it, and make it available for people to listen to and download.

Free conference registration.


Post the audio of all of conference sessions and write blog post summaries of each seminar and big group sessions.

Free conference registration.

Social Media Intern

Manage the social media sites and post on a daily basis.

Half-price registration for conference.


Work with the LAVA team to make the lighting, audio, visual and action flawless for the conference. Use Propresenter to manage media and presentations during conference.