2012 NYC - Infinite Need

Harry Reeder’s second message at the conference centers upon the ultimate need of the world - salvation through Jesus Christ. The gospel message is a royal proclamation that the King has come, and he has given Christians a new record, a new heart, and new life. He calls us to surrender our lives completely to his mission for this world. We are each a mission field before we are saved, and immediately declared missionaries after we are saved through Christ.

Using the gospel account from Mark 5 of a man who had been possessed by a demon and healed by Jesus, Harry teaches us the principles of Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost. There is no place Jesus will not go and no power he cannot overcome to seek and save the lost. Harry ends his message with the reality that there is no person so lost that Jesus cannot save, and no person he’s saved that he will not use to seek and save the lost.