2016 NYC - Discipleship: Have I Been Discipled? How Do I Disciple Others? by Reid Jilek

What is this discipleship thing?  How do I disciple others?  So, you led someone to Christ, what now?  You want to teach them everything, but how?  This seminar will hellp you understand discipleship and how to disciple a new or young Christian. 

2016 NYC - What is God's Will for My Life by Mike Caponigro

It is God's will for you to read this paragraph. Yes, I'm talking to you. What are the odds that you would that you would just happen to be reading it? If you do not come to this seminar there is a good chance that you will miss God's will for the rest of your life. To set the record straight, everything I just said is false. I have no idea if it is God's will for you to listen to this seminar, but it could be a good idea. Can we even know what God's will is for our lives? This question we will seek to answer.

2016 NYC - When You Grip Your Phone, Does Your Phone Grip You by Jeff Beckett

Today we have instant access to unlimited information, constant entertainment, and effortless connection to friends with the multiple devices we carry anywhere. With great power comes great responsibility, and infinite potential to temptation as we look to technology to satisfy us... we often spend hours thumbing through our phone before we even realize it. But we need something deeper than a list of do's and don'ts to navigate technology's affect on our lives.

2016 NYC - The Paradox of Pain by Eric Lonergan

Have you ever been so disappointed in life that you wondered if it was even worth living?  Unfortunately, there's no escaping the reality that the world and people living in it are broken.  What if pain opened a door to something otherworldly, something beautiful, something glorious?  Whether you've tasted deep disappointment or not this seminar will help point you toward a hope that does not disappoint. 

2016 NYC - Sharing the Gospel: Why is it so Difficult? By Kenny Hayes

Evangelism is often the thing all Christians know they should do but seldom actually follow through on. Come hear what separates the stories of success and defeat from the past 15 years of my journey as a witness for Christ. Our prayer is that you too can get over the "evangelism hump" to be used by God in amazing ways.

2016 NYC - Maximizing Singleness by Connor Dimick

Ever feel like singleness is a curse?  Just can't wait to find the person whom you'll be spending the rest of your life with?  In Christian circles can be easy to feel like life doesn't fully "begin" until you're married.  In this seminar, we'll be taking an honest look at singleness and how to maximize your years of 'flying solo.'

2016 NYC - Can You Feel the Love by Larry Martini

No, this is not another relationships talk.  Instead, it is about you and God.  If the Gospel is the best news in the world, why doesn't it feel like it?  Maybe you understand the truths about Christianity but feel like you're missing something?  If this is you, you are not alone.  This seminar is help for those who struggle to align their feelings and find joy in what they know to be true. 

2016 NYC - Addictions: A Worship Problem with a Gospel Hope by Jonathan Saunders

Who is an addict?  At first answer seems obvious.  Addicts are those who gamble, drink and do drugs.  But the Bible expands the definition of an addict.  According to the Bible an addiction is misplaced worship, not simply a chemical imbalance.  This seminar will go deeper than most pop-culture seminars on addiction, examining the whole person-- heart, mind and soul, as well as the Christian hope offered to all who are stuck in addictions. 

2016 NYC - Depression: Its Causes and Cures by Mike Jackson

Any way you slice it, depression present a challenge in the life of those it visits.  It is often a challenge to know why one is depressed; challenging to know why it won't go away and challenging to determine why it is getting worse or how it is affecting you or how to get rid of it. We hope to address these issues with the hope that people suffering from depression will leave with just that...hope.