2015 NYC - Gender Roles & Identity by John Piper

God purposefully creates man and woman. 

  • Genesis 1:27 - "Male and female he created them"

Three main qualities of manhood:

  1. Initiation
  2. Provision
  3. Protection
  • These are primarily man's responsibility, but not solely; women help in this 

Piper's fictional story that paints a picture of complementarianism: a man initiates a date with a woman, has a plan for the date and pays for her, and then walks her home. They are confronted by two men who want to take the woman. She is a black belt, and her date knows this, but he still puts himself between her and the bad men in order to protect her at risk to himself. He gets beaten up, and when he regains consciousness, he realizes she has beaten up the two bad men using her skills as a black belt. 

    - This story is to demonstrate that it's not about who is more competent; the woman was clearly more competent to fight the men, but the man risked himself for her sake, anyway. 

Ephesians 5:2-33

1) Marriage is a dramatization of Christ and the Church (verse 32)

2) In the drama, husbands take their cues from Christ and women take their cues from what God wills for the Church.

3) The primary responsibility for initiative, leadership, provision, and protection fall on the man. 

          - the man should always be looking for ways to help bring out the woman's gifts and talents