2016 NYC - Evening Rally Dec 31 by Eric Russ

Evangelism is considered to the way that God reveals Himself in the present context. In his third talk, Eric proposes that it should even be considered a spiritual discipline, such as Bible reading, or prayer. Just like other spiritual disciplines, evangelism is found to be sufficient in knowing God and loving him more, and it is not divorced from the gospel--rather, all about it! It is also a means to know God, and not an end in itself.

In light of the Great Commission (Mt. 28:18-20), we are reminded of the story of Israel, how they were called to be a light to the nations, and how, instead, Jesus fulfilled that himself. We now, as believers in him, get a chance to retell his story to those that are in this world.

Not only is it a commandment, but Eric argues for the personal benefits of sharing the gospel with others, like building up faithfulness in us and causing us to be assured in the good news.

He encourages us to work the discipline like a muscle and move in faith, trusting that God will give us discernment and growth. Before ending, the audience is encouraged to fight against typical reasons that Christians do not evangelize. These include (lack of) opportunity, accountability, and growth. To combat these difficulties, Eric gives advice and encouragement for each.