2012 NYC - Infinite Mercy

Kempton Turner at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Years Conference


In his second message at the conference, Kempton challenges us by asking how we will respond to Jesus. Returning to the text in Isaiah 6, we observe Isaiah’s response to an encounter with God. In the presence of Jesus, Isaiah can no longer focus on the sins of others, but he is utterly broken and devastated at the reality of his own sinfulness in the presence of a holy God. As for Isaiah, the perfect holiness of God exposes our own sinfulness.

Further in Isaiah 6, the beauty and glory of the gospel emerges when one of the seraphim flies to Isaiah to cleanse him and his sin is atoned for. Out of love and mercy, God chooses to fly to us to cleanse us of our sin. Jesus came to this world on a mission fueled by love. He flew to us, died for us, and he alone can make us clean and right before God.

2012 NYC- Infinite Possibilities

Harry Reader at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Years Conference

Harry Reeder’s final message at the conference is focused upon our message and mission as followers of Christ in this world. The message is the gospel - the good news of Jesus Christ. The mission is the Great Commission - to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:18-20). This mission must be Christ-centered, gospel-driven, and Spirit-filled in order to fulfill God’s purpose for the world.

Harry uses several examples from the book of Acts as the apostles began building the church of believers by carrying out this mission. A portion of Acts 17:6 “…these men who have turned the world upside down have now come here also” fuels Harry’s plea for us to do the same thing again for the Lord - to shake the world once more through consistent evangelism and discipleship that is centered on Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and driven by the good news of the gospel.

2012 NYC - Infinite Love

Harry Reader at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Years Conference

Harry Reeder begins his first message of the conference with a thorough explanation of the gospel. Drawing from several verses from the book of Romans, we learn that our sin nature renders us helpless, as our sin record makes us hopeless. Harry emphasizes the key factor that distinguishes Christianity from all other religions - that hope is found in nothing and no one else but God himself through Jesus Christ.

Using a passage from Romans 8, God’s sovereignty in our salvation is clear - it is foreknown by God as he predestines, calls, justifies, and glorifies us through the life, death, and resurrection of his son Jesus Christ. Ultimately, it is God who initiates to us and draws us to himself. Contrary to every other religion, Christianity is rooted in the fact that God came down to us through Jesus, lived and died for us, so that we could have new life in a right relationship with him.

2012 NYC - Labor Off Campus

Jared Wass at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Years Conference

You are a student now but you will not be a student on the campus more than a few more years at most. As you think about what you want to do after college, come and learn more about what to expect from life off the campus and opportunities for ministry after graduation.

2012 NYC - Life Is Hard

Matt Reagan at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Years Conference

From stable, suburban students to those with bitterly broken backgrounds, we can all relate to some measure of suffering and the questions that ensue. Come hear honest and hopeful perspective on how to mourn, rejoice, and walk through pain in our lives.