Kempton Turner

2012 NYC - Infinite Mercy

Kempton Turner at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Years Conference


In his second message at the conference, Kempton challenges us by asking how we will respond to Jesus. Returning to the text in Isaiah 6, we observe Isaiah’s response to an encounter with God. In the presence of Jesus, Isaiah can no longer focus on the sins of others, but he is utterly broken and devastated at the reality of his own sinfulness in the presence of a holy God. As for Isaiah, the perfect holiness of God exposes our own sinfulness.

Further in Isaiah 6, the beauty and glory of the gospel emerges when one of the seraphim flies to Isaiah to cleanse him and his sin is atoned for. Out of love and mercy, God chooses to fly to us to cleanse us of our sin. Jesus came to this world on a mission fueled by love. He flew to us, died for us, and he alone can make us clean and right before God.