Jeff Beckett

2016 NYC - When You Grip Your Phone, Does Your Phone Grip You by Jeff Beckett

Today we have instant access to unlimited information, constant entertainment, and effortless connection to friends with the multiple devices we carry anywhere. With great power comes great responsibility, and infinite potential to temptation as we look to technology to satisfy us... we often spend hours thumbing through our phone before we even realize it. But we need something deeper than a list of do's and don'ts to navigate technology's affect on our lives.

2014 NYC Dec 29th Breakout - Scripture Memory

Breakout Seminar, "Scripture Memory" by Jeff Beckett on December 29th, 2014 at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Year's Conference

Do you ever struggle with keeping good biblical perspective or find yourself asking “why did I just do that?" Do you want to keep perspective on who you are in Christ and grow in holiness? This seminar could radically change your walk with Christ and offer tons of practical help in memorizing and dwelling on God’s word.