Larry Martini

2016 NYC - Can You Feel the Love by Larry Martini

No, this is not another relationships talk.  Instead, it is about you and God.  If the Gospel is the best news in the world, why doesn't it feel like it?  Maybe you understand the truths about Christianity but feel like you're missing something?  If this is you, you are not alone.  This seminar is help for those who struggle to align their feelings and find joy in what they know to be true. 

2015 NYC - You: Redefined by Larry Martini

Do you ever feel like there is some invisible standard that you are always being pressured to live up to?  It can happen in school, family, friendships, or really in any part of your life.  It can feel especially overwhelming if you can never quite reach the standard.  During this seminar, we will learn how the Gospel gives you a new standard that helps you see yourself in a completely different light. 

2014 NYC Breakout - Christianity: Better than You Think

Breakout Seminar, "Christianity: Better than You Think" by Larry Martini on December 29th, 2014 at the Campus Outreach Milwaukee New Year's Conference

Wondering what Christianity is all about? What does "the Gospel” mean? Why are people so excited about it? If you want to find out the main point of this conference and, really, the whole Christian life, come explore what Christianity is and isn’t. I can guarantee it is better news than you think.