2016 NYC - Ethnic Diversity By Eric Russ

From his perspective, Eric tells about the racial tensions in our country, and the theology behind reconciling and loving across differences. A truth to remember during this talk is that all Christians have an opportunity in this day and age to remind others of reconciliation in Christ with him and others.

Ephesians 2:13-17 points to Jesus’ desire to be made “one man” that breaks down the walls of hostility between different groups of people, making one body under his Lordship. This implies that when one part of the body is hurting, then another part should naturally be hurting. Eric challenges the audience by saying that when there is injustice done to the body of Christ, it is our problem to deal with.

The practicals that the audience is left with are prefaced by the question, “How do we Love Across Difference?” To apply it, inward assessment is necessary to consider who our “others” are, and what our narrative is. Assessing our thoughts on this subject with those two points will help us in being a loving and reconciling body in the context of racial tensions.