2016 NYC - Morning Rally Dec 31 by Eric Russ

Community continues its theme at the All In Conference, this time with our second speaker, Eric Russ. Starting out with Matthew 28:18-20, Eric discusses some themes of the verse, which include truths like 1) Jesus is the King, and 2) He is empowering us to be His “sent” people. In other words, our mission, based on these verses, is to make Jesus’ name known among the whole world.

In light of the topic of Community, there are two main postures Eric talks about that are common among Christians. The first is Individualism (or Independence), where one feels the freedom from any outside control, no accountability, and a sense of triumphalism (excessive exultations of achievements). The second posture is Codependence. This is where an individual refuses to have their identity informed until it is done so by a certain community. The aim of a healthy Christian community, however, is to avoid these two postures and have a stance of Interdependence. This implies that the whole community is informed by and utterly dependent on Christ.

Finally, Eric ends the message by discussing two ways to avoid unhealthy community. That is, firstly, embrace one’s creaturely identity. Eric states, “God is the bomb, and you are not!”. Secondly, retell the Trinity’s relationship, and model Christian community after its sameness and perfect love.