2016 NYC - Evening Rally Dec 28 by Joe Rigney

In the first rally of the “All In” Conference, Joe Rigney walks us through the first two chapters of the Bible, detailing the main character of the Story -- God. Genesis 1-2 describes to its readers the ways that God spoke creation into existence and intricately adorned his creation with details that point to his own character. We see in this narrative that God is both bigger than we can imagine, and closer than we can imagine. Just like an author of a book knows its main character, the Creator God also knows his creation intimately.

The story goes on to describe the Creator as one who is a God of “yes”. He places Adam and Eve in a garden of delights that are for their joy, and bids them eat of all but one tree. Every tree in the garden that is for eating are invitations of God to know and love God more. The end of these two chapters leaves us with the man and woman in their lovely garden, where God dwells and is seen through His good gifts.