2016 NYC - Morning Rally Dec 29 by Joe Rigney

The second rally of the “All In” conference starts out with the story of Adam and Eve at the end of Genesis 2, where God’s man is in God’s land, under God’s law, on God’s mission. This is turned upside down by the stigma of the only tree in the garden that God has deemed as a “no”.  

The serpent uses this tree to tempt Adam and Eve to disobey God’s command. We learn from this passage that temptation can either exaggerate true features of the world or deny them. The serpent uses both truths and a lie to lead Adam and Eve into seizing a good thing on their own terms, outside of God’s timing and context, which we identify as a sin.

Joe applies this to our lives by asking the question, “Will God be the supreme object of our desires?” He concludes by saying that God must be the center of our solar system, and only then the planets (or gifts from Him) will orbit the correct way.