2016 NYC - Jan 1 Morning Rally by Eric Russ

In the final rally of the All In Conference, we are privileged to hear from Eric Russ on his thoughts about leaving a legacy in the form of discipleship. Again using his theme verse from the end of Matthew, and II Tim. 2:2, we learn that God’s method to win the world is for his followers to become a “multiplying people”.

What does it mean to multiply? Eric’s definition is helpful:

“Pouring into men and women who are growing prayer, the Word, de-mythologizing their hearts, walking by faith, proclaiming the gospel in word and deed, and multiplying [their] faith.”

This is practically pursued through the reading of God’s word, ministry, and relationship with other people. If one or two of these disciplines is emphasized in the process of multiplication, then the quality of the discipleship will be less.

Flawed theology, an unhealthy view of intentionality and commitment, the lack of appeal, a self-centered gospel, and the fear of failure are five reasons that could keep Christians from discipleship. Eric works through each of these and aims to encourage the hearts of the audience in multiplying their lives, despite those hindrances.