2017 Rally #2 - Muche Ukegbu

Muche Ukegbu begins the second rally of the “Greater” conference by focusing on God’s grace. He speaks on Psalm 103:1-5 to remind us of this grace and how that should shape us. Delighting in the grace He has for us should lead to worship and action. Muche explains that many of us perform in front of others because we are not experiencing the tenderness of grace. He further explains by saying, “Who you are in secret is who you really are.”

Muche then defines a doxology as a word of glory, a word that points to a specific attribute of God and calls us to action. He then uses the doxology in Jude 1:24-25 to expound on how we can experience the tenderness of God’s grace. One of the aspects of God’s grace that Muche focuses on is His ability to keep his people. He keeps His people through preservation, prevention, and provision. God prevents harm from happening to us, not by removing us from our situations, but by staying with us as we go through them. All of God’s restrictions are to prevent us from harm. God provides tremendous grace, alongside an identity in Christ and complete blamelessness through His blood.

Muche leaves us with some implications that these teachings bring:

  1. The presence of mercy is the delay of judgement.

  2. All the things in myself that I want to hide are covered by grace.

  3. Our identity should be saturated by tenderness and grace because it is sustained by God’s tenderness and grace.


Unfortunately, the audio is not available for this talk.